Introductions for Idiots (aka, Me)

I've been settling into my office for close to a week now. I've met one or two people who also work here. One was a guy who helped me carry a box to my office the first day I was here. He was pleasant, and stopped by to say hello to me today, which was nice.

Another was a lady who works on the same floor, near some giant pig thing. I met her in the coffee room, and afterwards thought a lot about how to go about telling people what I am doing here without sounding like an egomaniac.

Version 1 (the information, straight): "Hi, my name is Elizabeth. I'm writing, directing, and producing a show based on my original student film from Cal Arts. It's for primetime TV, for ABC Family. Yeah, I graduated about a year ago. Wanna see my office? I have toys!"

Version 2 (what I feel like I'm saying): "Hi, my name is Elizabeth and I'm uber-successful, I'm working on my own show, in my own office with a window, I went to Cal Arts, and graduated not long ago at all, and I... *brag-brag-brag-brag-brag* Yawn! *brag-brag-brag-brag*...

Version 3 (what typically happens):
Someone: "Hi!"
Someone:"Did ya just start here?"
Me:"Yeah. Do you work on this floor?"
Someone:"Yeah, I work over on (fill in show name). What are you workin' on?"
Me:"Oh, um, I'm working on a pilot..."
Someone:"Oh yeah? Which one? What do you do on it."
Me:"Um, (all the rest of this sentence is said quietly and as fast as possible) I'm the director, I made this student film during my last year at Cal Arts and they really liked it so I'm working on a pilot for ABC Family."
Someone:"Geez, (sometimes this next part is said with a tinge of sarcasm) you must be really talented, you look like you're 16."
Me: "hahaha.. I'm not, I'm 26, but thanks(?), anyway, it was nice meeting you, I'm in office 3229, heh, see you later!

(Someone did actually say that I look like I'm 16, so I must be aiming to conquer the business by 30. --ha---ha---haaaaa----)

So what would you do? (@_@)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should wear a shirt that says, I will soon be your boss so kiss my ass now. Also, just put something on your door that says who you are (director, producer, writer, ruler of all) and maybe an image or 2 of you (preferably in a costume of the king of the cosmos like in katamari damacy). Introduction done....

5:00 PM, October 18, 2005  
Anonymous Mr. Oooooooooooh! said...

Bring me to work with you so I can walk in on any conversations you have and make them less awkward for you by interjecting my catchphrase after your introduction. We'll be the new Disney comedy duo! And then, they'll remake something like The Apple Dumpling Gang with you and me in the leads. It'll be great.

10:15 PM, October 18, 2005  
Blogger monday-morgue said...

hey liz,
don't conquer the business too quickly...or you'll have nothing left to do but play with your toys.
I like your blog, look at mine...but don't touch.

5:30 PM, October 19, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Say matter of factly: "I'm a producer, I've got my own project going here-drop by sometime, I'll show you the stuff(this last if the person seems like a cool artist type). I'd always, definitely leave out the bit about just graduating a year ago from calarts 'caus--no offense--but that DOES sound kind of...inflated. What difference does it make when you graduated? Or how long you've been "in" the business? Besides, it can cut both ways: Way 1)she's already sold a show and is directing/creating/designing/producing, she must be a goddess! and Way 2)she hasn't paid her dues for beans and will be looked on as a lucky bunny who no one will deign to take seriously. Just be careful. You can do it. But you know that.
And if people--male or femals--are asses and make rude comments about looking 16, just shrug slightly, look vaguely inot the middle distance, and smile. ; )

12:44 PM, October 21, 2005  
Anonymous fujimoo said...

Hi Elizabeth! Stumbled onto your blog via Friendster...WOW! I haven't been updated on your life. All I have to say is CONGRATULATIONS! If anyone can pull something like this off successfully, it's you! Just be confident (you are the last person to come across as over-ego-inflated) and stick to your vision. And if you ever need any three year olds for audience testing, I've got one you can rent for an hour or two... Good luck and let me know when anything premieres!

12:00 AM, October 24, 2005  

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