When Nerds Go Out

As a storyboard artist, often times I've found myself working towards a pitch day like a 1600 meter track runner. The 1600 meter runner goes around the track 4 times before crossing the finish line. A storyboard artist goes over the same sequence many times before they actually finish it, and even when they finish it they haven't finished it because there are notes and notes and more notes. However, the short term finish line tends to be pitch day. The same kinds of things happen as when someone's crossed the finish line of a track race: congratulations, pats on the shoulder, pouring of water over the head (sometimes, depending on how long the pitch is, I wouldn't doubt that this could be true).

So to get to my point, the story crew from Yankee Irving had just gotten through with a pitch and we all went out to celebrate at the Ecclectic Cafe in North Hollywood. And like any animation nerds, when the alcohol is flowing, the pens and paper come out, and the laughing (or crying) begins. So here are a few gems appropriately aimed at me, regarding my recent success, and also one featuring one of my new favorite shirts:

This drawing was done by my head of story (boss), Kevin Johnson. He keeps refering to me as "Ms. Writer-Director-Producer." Recently some of the story artists I share the communal office with overheard me (on the one phone we all share) talking to a friend and giving him advice on his stomach ache, so "doctor" was added to the end of the hyphen chain.

These two drawings were done by my friend and fellow story artist, Spyros. The first drawing looks as if I'm peeing myself because someone spilled some water on the drawing. The second drawing was done when I was telling my coworker that everyone tends to draw me all happy, but that I am often angry. While flipping between the drawings, he started a little rhyme (and imagine this being said with a greek accent), "Outer-Ito, Inner-Ito, Outer-Ito, Inner-Ito."


Blogger R.T.Inoue said...

Can you point examples of finalized works that you storyboarded?

2:26 PM, September 15, 2005  
Anonymous jen said...

Forgot that you work with Spyros. I miss him and his bazouki jammin'. Tell him jenny sez "hi" ; )

11:29 PM, September 22, 2005  

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