Headshots Are Embarrassing

Since I might be one of the voices on my show, I need to go through some hoops first. I sent in my "headshot" for Disney to send to SAG (the screen actors guild). How weird... a headshot... Anyway, I took it myself, but hopefully it doesn't look like it. I was in my apartment, so I had to strategically place myself where there were no incriminating stuffed animals or things with silly faces in the shot. If you've ever been to my apartment, it's a hard feat to pull off. So that is why in this photo I am standing in front of my closet door. Imagine that once I open it, stuffed animals explode out...

I was going to use this one, until I realized that Raggedy Andy had made it in the shot (bottom, right corner):


Anonymous Mom said...

Were you using a fisheye lense? YOu look much prettier than that!

10:06 PM, October 07, 2005  

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