Cars, Movies, and James Bond Exits

I had to skip work today to get my car fixed.

Luckily this photo has nothing to do with that... This Friday, at the Nuart in West LA, they will be showing Harold and Maude as a midnight movie. This is one of my favorite movies. Weird, and quite dated, but worth checking out in a theater. Bud Cort (Harold), shown above, will be there.

You might recognize him from a more recent role in Wes Anderson's, The Life Aquatic:

Just to even out the field, here is a cool photo I stumbled upon of him...

On Thursday I will be having a big time meeting with ABC Family, Disney TV & Friends, and various spectators to discuss the fate of my universe. I'm getting my car fixed today and my rocket pack built tomorrow, so in case the meeting goes poorly, I can leave all James-Bond-style... Blast out of the geodesic glass-roof, land in the driver seat of my 86 Honda Civic, and screetch out of my parking space. Bring it on, Thursday, I'm ready!


Blogger chickennuggets said...

That silly boy has spread cherry jam all over himself.

9:20 PM, September 27, 2005  

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