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This photo makes me feel better, regardless of how crowded and hectic things can get. Leave it to Japan to make even a breakfast pastry cute. And leave it to me to buy it.

Sorry for the lack of postings last week, but my schedule filled itself exponentially. I had a lot of meetings around animation town, pitching things and meeting with different people. Oh yeah, and then there's the full time job at the same time. I also, for the first time, watched "The Player," the movie about Hollywood, staring Tim Robbins. It made me laugh, because unfortunately it's accurate in a lot of ways.

Times are interesting now, as I am coming to the end of the job that I am at. It's in the weird and uncomfortable phase where you don't know what's happening... Yuck.

Also, I will be in the "Girl Show" at the Nucleus Gallery (and toy store, hooray!). Next post will have more info on it.


Anonymous Mr. Ooooooooooooh! said...

You should also try and find the Kevin Bacon epic "The Big Picture." Not quite as amazing as The Player but still it's another one of those Hollywood so funny it's true type of flicks. And it's one of the few Christopher Guest directed movies that's scripted. Plus the guy who played Dennis from T.V.'s "Head of the Class" is in it.

6:32 PM, August 13, 2005  

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