My First Oil Painting

So I decided to try doing an oil painting for the Girl Show that I'm in. It turned into a painting for the Monster Show which will be at the same gallery later this year. The first is the progress I made on the painting yesterday. The chicken scratches on the bottom is my preliminary rough...

Let me assure you that I dived in without any kind of helpful knowledge about how to oil paint... Trial by fire, I guess. Not always the smartest route.. but oh well.. I opened a can of turpentine, a jar of linseed oil, a jar of cobalt drier, some tubes of paint, and in I went. So any kind of information, or leads to places on the internet or at the library/amazon where I can find good tips would be very helpful to me.


Blogger Jerome said...

I stumbled upon your site trying to find out more about the Mister Monster toy. I just wanted to say that after reading all about your past experience you are a true inspiration to me and all fellow artists. I graduated from the UCLA Design/Media Arts program, and wanted to pursue a career in animation but was rejected from both UCLA and CAL Arts Master's programs. I'm now working for children's food and toy packaging. I know this is a long reply but just wanted to let you know that your work really puts a smile on my face after a crappy day at work. Thank you, Ms. Ito!

8:42 PM, August 15, 2005  
Anonymous Theresa said...

Hey there Ito - skip the linseed oil and find some Rapid Set medium to use when you oil paint. It will dry - well, uh, rapidly. Then you can go over the other colors with washes of new color for a fantastic glazing effect. I used to paint when I was young and ambitious like you.

2:05 PM, August 16, 2005  

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