Weekend Update

I was at a rockin' party this saturday, and my friend Darren told me how angry he gets when I go for days on end not updating my blog. So for the last few weeks of sporadic updating... sorry... More about the party: I had a good time seeing my friends from Dreamworks, drinking refreshing beverages, hanging out in Theresa Pettengill's cool house, and eating tasty snacks.

This last couple of weeks a lot of things happened, and everything culminated this past Friday. I had a meeting with Disney TV & ABC Family to talk about the next steps with them, the story crew for Yankee Irving pitched the end of the movie to the directors and executives who had flown down to LA from Toronto, I completed a story test for Blue Sky Studios, and last but not least, my show opened at Schmancy in Seattle.

The meeting with Disney/ABCF went really, really well. They enjoyed the first version of the script I wrote for them, and I am very happy with the direction that things seem to be headed in. Hooray!


Anonymous Dragon Boy D said...

Hey, it's about damn time I got a mention on this thing, and all it took was unleashing my uncontrolable rage....ah, the dark side is so comforting. I love this site!!!!!

12:01 PM, June 14, 2005  

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