Second Half of the Test

The part of my story test that I've posted is my favorite part. There was more to the test, but I think this is the funniest portion.

If you want to see the story from the beginning, start with the post directly below this one, from Thursday-

(Continued from Thursday):


Anonymous Jeaux Janovsky said...

yo elizabeth,
these are cool storyboards! aren't you nervous someone out there can see these and steal yr designs or poses? i'd be scared as hell. hope all is going well for you!
see ya around.
Jeaux Janovsky

4:59 PM, June 18, 2005  
Anonymous chickennuggets said...

my cell phone turns into purplish hamsters.

10:08 PM, June 20, 2005  
Anonymous Theresa said...

Too late! I've already stolen this and pitched it to Fox for a midseason replacement series! Thanks!

4:12 PM, June 30, 2005  

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