My First Rapidograph

Here is a glimpse at the style I plan to go for in some of my pieces for the FadedCamel Art Show coming up in August. The theme is Las Vegas and Small creatures (it's an either, or, both kind of theme... or none at all... we'll see).

I wanted to do drawings that look like old wildlife books/plates. This is the first one I completed. It's my first time using a Rapidograph pen, and I think I like it... although the thin ones seem to clog easily. I bought a set, and I think I've already broken the nib on the thinnest pen. Shucks! Anyway, I hope the drawing looks like it was worth the breaking.

After I was done and had a chance to look at it, I felt like it might be a cousin of the ESUVEE.


Anonymous jeaux Janovsky said...

That's a cool drawing elizabeth! rapidographs are tough stuff, that's why i stick to microns.

1:44 PM, June 21, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if you enjoy the rapidograph pens, try using the hi-tec-c pens from www.jetpens.com, a Japanese pen store online. they are great! great drawing!

12:19 AM, July 09, 2005  

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