Busy Week

Apologies for the lack of posts in the last couple of weeks. In general, things have been pretty busy on the production. We pitch on Tuesdays and then repitch our boards with changes on Fridays. Depending on the length of the sequence you're working on, it can get a bit hectic. I'm happy to say that I think I'm gradually developing the thick skin of a story artist. On Friday, one note on a couple of my drawings was that they were bland and boring, and I didn't mind. All in all, the pitch went well and I think the directors were happy in the end.

My new thick skin came in handy on Thursday, before the Producer's Show. While I was sitting in a Starbucks across from the Academy of Television with some collegues, a homeless man who was lacking some many teeth started shouting at me for supposedly laughing at him. As spittle foamed out of his mouth, he also informed me that Vietnam was no laughing matter. If I sent myself back in time to yell something back, I probably would've said that racism was no laughing matter, and neither was poor dental hygene.

This week I was also scheduled to have a meeting with Disney TV and ABC Family, and another with the Gotham Group, a management group that has a lot of connections in both animation and publishing. As it turned out, both meetings were cancelled.


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