This Week Will Be a Good Week

Here is someone I met at work last week. He works in story, and someone obviously wanted some changes on his face. I should've known things were going to be weird after meeting him. Last week was the most surreal experience in my 50 years of professional experience (yes, 50 years... *a-HEM*, moving on). I was really stressed out for at least half of it because I had a pitch, then the stress was over, AND THEN (said like a small child) one of the storyboard artists who I really liked was given the boot on friday after only 2 weeks of work...

But this week will be different... I can feel it...

Today, a new friend showed me a secret entrance to my floor that I hadn't noticed before. Upon entering, I saw that Bob Boyle and Wubby had snuck into the building over the weekend and painted the far walls purple and green. Those crazy hooligans... pretty soon they'll put in a jungle-gym (I can dream, can't I).

The best part of the day was after lunch... my head of story brought in his son's train set and we set it up (for reference, of course...). I don't think I've seen him that happy at work, ever. Things have started off well, so hopefully I'm not jumping the gun in predicting that this week will be a little better than the last.



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