Monday Moodies

List of excuses for why my blog has not been updated in the past 3 days:
1. I had to prepare for a big pitch.
2. Some A-hole in a truck ran a red light and hit my '86 Honda Civic when I was making a U-turn (and immediately upon exiting his vehicle, began to blame me for getting in his way).
3. I was busy eating cookies, and watching Johnny Depp get slimed while screaming like a teenage girl at the Kids Choice Awards.

As promised, here are the ever-exciting pictures of the coffee-break room next to my communal office:

Notice the clever signage:

And let me introduce you to my good friend, Vendie, and faithfully by his side, Microwavie!

(I can dream, can't I)


Anonymous mangeycur said...

Scary..I believe I've vended there before. Or wait, that was another breakroom nitemare. Dig your blog sista...I shall be back!

8:25 PM, April 05, 2005  

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