Hang 10 on the Freelance Wave

Personally, the hypothetical idea of freelance is a dream. Do your work at home at the hours you please. Ironically, retard that I am, it leads to a path of procrastination and debachery. Normally, a typical day includes:
1) log onto iChat.
2) load iTunes "Party Shuffle."
3) take a shower (in case FedEx shows up at your door).
4) have lunch.
5) have a drink.
6) draw.
7) distract yourself with the internet.
8) work (and draw something that you will make you laugh (for all the wrong reasons) in the morning).
9) regret whatever the reason was that you are sleepy now, despite the multiple expressos you've downed today
10) sleep.
11) DREAM. 
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Anonymous "H" to the "EX" said...

AND GUESS WHO SHE TALKS TO ON ICHATWow, I'm learning so much from you from this little blog...Although, keep the info to a limit... You dont want the Asianafiles (spelling) emailing and messaging you... you know what I mean....

11:10 AM, February 28, 2005  
Anonymous bob b said...

Welcome to the blogosphere!

This will be another thing that will help you avoid getting started on your freelance!

And, by the way when you take over the world will you force us to wear some sort of silly outfits?

Best of Luck!

Bob B

7:38 PM, February 28, 2005  

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