The First Post: a long explanation, with a challenge to fail

In 1996, the summer before my senior year of high school, I went to a program called CSSSA (California State Summer School for the Arts) where I became addicted to animation. After 3 thwarted attempts at getting in to Cal Arts (the mecca of animation schools) and 3 years at UCLA (BA in English... stop looking at me like that...), I finally was accepted to the school that would nurture my addiction.

I recently graduated from the California Institute of the Arts. I studied character animation there for 4 years, during which I produced 6 films. Having been thrust out of my creative nest-- my plan is to take over the world. No violence (with an exception, perhaps, only to my exboyfriends). Merely by using the mass media to force my ideas and stories through the eyeballs and into the brains of the public.

This blog will serve as a documentation of my battles, detailing victories and losses along the way--

A) Love the Liars:
I worked at Cartoon Network as an intern. It was the kind of job where you come in and do stuff for free... But there were also free video games and ice cream in the lobby, so I guess it evened out. For the show I was on, the line producer was a bit of a queen, and lied to my face. I did a lot of drawings and he didn't wanna pay me for them and then Human Resources stepped to save me. He had to do a little dance to distract them from the evil blueprints on his desk. Inevitably, as things work, I end up seeing him almost everytime I visit my friends there.

B) No Pride:
The summer after that I was an intern at Mattel, and luckily they paid well, especially compared to my previous internship. I worked with their Girls New Brands group, who at the time were working on the "Flava's" Doll line. Barbie goes hip-hop and changes her name to Happy-D... I was supposed to design fairies to go with each doll. I'll leave you to your own thoughts on that.


I designed a toy that is currently being sold around the world. His name is Mister Monster. He likes to hang out at Kid Robot, MunkyKing, Storyopolis, and other hip places to be. A classmate of mine said he saw one in France. My toy apparently travels more than I do and is more famous. I was told that Ben Stiller bought one-


My last year at Cal Arts I made a film called Welcome to My Life. People seem to like it. It won the Peers Pick Award at my school's annual fancy Producer's Show. Recently I won the Producer's Choice award in the first ever Nick Toons Film Festival. It's also been in a handful of festivals. I interviewed my family and made a documentary about a family of monsters using their voices.Also, sometime during my senior year- I joined the regime of artists on the internet..my portfolio was put online on my friends website (please! Feel pressured to post comments on my work! I'm a storyboard artist, I can take it!):
  • Welcome to My Life
  • fadedcamel

  • After I graduated from Cal Arts, I was snatched up by Dreamworks as a storyboard trainee. Pros: I met a lot of great artists (who will hopefully join my army eventually).They fed me free breakfast, lunch, and (too much) ice cream. Occasionally I would walk the path along the bank of the artificial river "on campus." I got a free camera and some stock. Cons: I felt like...I'll talk about it later...when I'm interviewed about my life 60 years from now. Regardless of my own thoughts about the place- they chose to let my contract expire. Translation: I was laid off.
  • who the #@$%! cares...

  • Since then, I have been doing random freelance work for different tv shows. I'm also working on painting a 20" toy for a group show in April, and painting and drawing things for the Storyopolis Art Gallery.

    STEP 2 &3:
    Consequently I am waiting to find out news about the first step in my masterplan. Disney TV has optioned an idea from me and we have been having sporadic meetings about our plans for the future. House, kids, ivy league college, etcetera.

    2 CENTS:
    In the past year, I've been told by more than one smart person that I have to be willing to fail, and in fact, should strive for that. Well then- Here goes nothing- Cheers!


    Anonymous ang said...

    Good luck - I graduated from Cal Arts a few years ago as well - costume design. It isn't easy and I miss it.

    6:56 PM, February 27, 2005  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    -Biggie Jumbo

    12:11 AM, February 28, 2005  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hee! I'll gladly join the Ito Armada! ; )

    And I'm totally jealous of ol' Snow, who has one of your toys on his desk! Gotta got one--Storyopolis, you say? I'm on my way! Thanks, Liz(can people call you 'Liz'?)~Jenny L. from That Place

    6:40 PM, March 01, 2005  
    Anonymous Wattana said...

    yo yo yo ito ito ito !!! ok, so thats 3 groups of "yo ito!" ...excuse me if i don't make much sense, just wanna comment here that YOU ROCK! hang in there cause everything is gonna be alright like bob marley said...

    take it easy,

    11:53 PM, March 02, 2005  
    Anonymous Andy said...

    Cool looking site. Welcome.

    6:01 AM, March 11, 2005  

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