Animation Rollercoaster has moved into Kikutowne

It's been a great five years here on Blogger, but Animation Rollercoaster needed a change. It's picked up and moved to Kikutowne. Click on the image below to get you to the new place:

As a welcome gesture to Animation Rollercoaster, Kikutowne has gone through a major redecorating process, thanks to the helping hand of Wordpress, and Graph Paper Press. For antiquity's sake, Animation Rollercoaster is leaving all its old belongings and posts here at Blogger. Feel free to come back here to visit if you're feeling nostalgic for Animation Rollercoaster's days of yore. If you follow the Animation Rollercoaster on any sort of reader, of have any links or bookmarks that lead to it, please change the address to http://www.kikutowne.com .

Thanks, and looking forward to seeing you on the other side (of the internet).


Holiday Bum Rush


I've been a lot busier this year with events and circumstances that I never expected: jumping between three different studios (feature to TV and now back to feature), being a part of Hello Kitty's 35th birthday, having a table at APE all on my own, and traveling to Copenhagen (just got back last week!), and now it's November?! Unfortunately all these flurries of activity took me away from presiding over Kikutowne in any responsible sort of way. I'm also pretty bummed at how much I left Ito-Mobile in the dust. It's still there, but I haven't updated it since the first two days I started it. Some things that I plan to remedy as part of my jump start on resolutions for the new year... More on those after I finish bombarding you with the new wares I've placed online.

Since I have a window of time for the moment, and the holidays are fast approaching, I am beginning the trickle of what will hopefully turn into a flash flood of new products, flowing sweetly into the Kikutowne Shoppe.

Here's a quick rundown of some of the newness you can find in the shop today:

As an added incentive to purchase things early for the holidays, I have a secret code for friends and fans that will get you 15% off for the next month... if you email emperor@kikutowne.com, or direct message me on twitter, I'll tell you the code. On twitter, you can find me here.


Coming to the Kikutowne Online Shop Soon

When I get back from Copenhagen (I'm going on a short trip), get your online wallets ready for these:


My toys make all the stress in the world go away when you look at them or hold them, according to one APE patron*. Buy one for someone you care about for the holidays!

*A shopper at the Alternative Press Expo, not a patron who happened to also be an ape.



Time has been flying by, but somehow I saved up enough time and energy to get some of these ready for APE at the last minute:



I found the striped fabric on sale at a big fabric store near my work, and figured I could find a good way to use it. I'm trying to make my plush characters look closer to how I sketch. I think I'm getting closer, but I worry that the simplicity and crudeness of it won't appeal to folks as much as more detailed plush. Whadda you think? Anywho, as far as APE prep goes I still feel like I have a ton of things to get in order and ready to go for the drive on Friday... I am still waiting for my precious notepads and pens to arrive in the mail. I hope they don't get delayed by the rain! I'm excited for the event, there's going to be a ton of friends there this year. I hope I will have time to do one more post before I leave so I can tell you where to find my booth, and my friends booths... Almost ready...


APE 2009 Prep II



I am crossing my fingers that I will have notepads and pens like these, ready for APE! Please buy some so I don't feel lame for makin' them...


Weekend APE 2009 Stockpiling


These look cooler in bulk then by themselves I think... So get ready to stock up at APE! You can see the big red stain on my carpet also...




APE 2009 Prep I

I officially will be exhibiting at APE this year. I'm not sure how well this will go since life keeps happening and making me change course... but for now, here's something that's at least partially on its way:



I'm not sure if I like how these are turning out yet... We'll see...


Blog Break Over

I took a bit of a hiatus from blogging to handle life. Here's something to keep you from forgetting to come visit:

[thanks Hugo]


Peppermint Collection

peppermint.05 peppermint.03 peppermint.02
peppermint.01 peppermint.06 peppermint.07
peppermint.04 peppermint.09 peppermint.08
peppermint.10 peppermint.11 peppermint.12

Uniformed Collection

uniform.13 uniform.03 uniform.09
uniform.01 uniform.02 uniform.04
uniform.05 uniform.06 uniform.07
uniform.10 uniform.08 uniform.12